The Collection

The archive spans a period of five decades and comprises a wide variety of material reflecting the history of the African diaspora and the presence of Black people in Nottingham. The content reflects NBA’s mission as an organisation to promote and collect material incorporating the breadth of experiences of people of African and Caribbean descent.

As our collection continues to grow, NBA will remain true to its mission and continue to document the array of experiences and preserve materials from the 20th century through to contemporary times.

Our collection includes personal papers, organisational records, books, ephemera, film and photographs as well as a growing number of oral histories. The collection is used to support our education and outreach work. It has been amassed by volunteers from the Black community since NBA began as an idea in 2009.


Our reference library currently contains 22 books with a growing collection of independently published literature on subjects including the history and culture of the Black presence in Britain, migration post-colonial Jamaica, the international pan-Africanist movement and late twentieth century radical politics.


We do hold a collection of objects acquired through donations from the public.The items can be search through the menu on the right hand side.