We Will Remember Them

April 21, 2017
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We Will Remember Them… aims to uncover hidden narratives that will strengthen the coverage of under-represented groups in relation to the centenary of the Great War. Empire troops fought in the most infamous battles of the war, including at Ypres and Passhendaele, but the hidden histories of soldiers from the Caribbean and South Asia still need to be recovered and their stories told, not only in scholarly monographs but in other cultural forms too.

We Will Remember Them… Will focus on visual culture in the form of a public exhibition to ensure that we try to avoid the real risk that younger generations will conceive of the war as fought entirely by white soldiers. The research output will be constituted in the form of a travelling exhibition which will facilitate the general public becoming (more) aware of the courage, sacrifice and stories of “Commonwealth” soldiers. The exhibition will tour the East Midlands and London.

This project will also mine the stories to be discovered in the East Midlands. We are searching for anyone from the African, Caribbean or South Asian Communities who may have had a relative who fought in World War I and who may have travelled to Nottingham or the East Midlands at some stage of their life or who may have had family settle in the East Midlands. Please contact us at nottinghamblackarchive@gmail.com for more information.

The event will be launched on the 22nd of September at the New Art Exchange, 39, Gregory Boulevard Nottingham.

This project is funded by AHRC and is being delivered in association with the Centre For Hidden Histories and Renaissance One

the image is of William Robinson Clarke WW1 RAF pilot from Jamaica, photo courtesy of the Royal Aero club

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